Potassium 🍅is a mineral that’s found in the foods you eat. 🍎

It’s also an electrolyte. 🍏
They assist in a range of essential body functions, including:
• blood pressure🥒
• normal water balance🥕
• muscle contractions🍌
• nerve impulses🥝
• digestion🥦
• heart rhythm🥑
• pH balance (acidity and alkalinity)🍓

Potassium isn’t produced naturally by the body👫, so it’s important to consume the right balance of potassium-rich foods🍌 and beverages🥤.

Consuming too little potassium🍌 can lead to serious health consequences🤕.

However, taking in too much 🥔can also cause temporary or long-term health problems💔

Knowledge is Power Eat Right, Live Well

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Potassium (2).png