It is important to nourish the body 🤸‍♂️and keep the blood healthy💉.

Red blood cells ⭕are used by the blood to transport oxygen 🅾️and nutrients 🆘throughout the body🏋️‍♂️.

These cells die every 120 days, and new cells are made to replace them.

Without this constant cycle of cellular birth and rebirth, our tissues👂, bones and organs 🧠would not get adequate oxygen 🅾️and would begin to deteriorate.

It is important to nourish the body 🧗‍♂️and keep the blood healthy💉.

The following vitamins along with Iron🥩 and Zinc 🍖are important to both build the blood, boost Energy Metabolism⛹️‍♂️ and support the immune system💪.

Knowledge is Power Eat Right, Live Well

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